Cons 2022!

It’s official: My two cons for 2022… (insert drumroll here):

Dragon Con

World Fantasy Con

Dragon Con has been in my life since 2015 and I have more fun there than I can express. World Fantasy Con was on my list for 2020 but life went sideways. 2022 will be the year! Hope to see you there!



After I took the FREE Writers of the Future Online Workshop (AMAZING), I was invited for a quick interview with Emily Goodwin of Galaxy Press to talk about my experience. My story “Care Taker” (written as Audrey McLennan) had just come out. The interview is available on YouTube in a month or so. Fun! The link to the workshop is here: Writers of the Future Online Workshop offers videos from big names such as Orson Scott Card, Dave Farland, and Tim Powers! There are amazing essays by L. Ron Hubbard. If you are an intermediate level writer who wants… Continue reading

Old Adventures

I was crawling around inside a giant pyramid at Giza, some time around 1993, when a masked man told me I had to pay or he wouldn’t let me out. A stranger in the tunnel provided a quick distraction and I threw loose change to draw the eyes of my captor. I scrambled on my hands and knees until I escaped the tunnel and ran as fast as I could. In 1999, I bought a 34’ CHB trawler. I lived on it for three years off the California coast, usually around Anacapa Isle Marina. It’s like camping out every day,… Continue reading