vampire survival guide

WonderBird Press 2024 Anthologies: Murderbugs and Monsters Fall is finally here (my favorite season) and I have a new story sold! If you are in the mood to snuggle up with scary, “Change of the Guard” in the Vampire Survival Guide (Monstrous Guidebook Vol 1) reveals a Cold War border guard spy whose world is … Continue reading vampire survival guide

Dystopian Fantasy

Another story sold for publication 2024! As soon as I can release the name and details, I will post. My preference is to share a story picture or anthology cover right here, and I absolutely will as soon as the time comes. Until then, I’ll dive back in to my latest work in progress! Be … Continue reading Dystopian Fantasy

Cons & Adventures 2023

Superstars Writing Seminar in Colorado Springs was just what I needed to launch this incredible year. For any writer, beginner to expert, the experience of craft and business among colleagues and new friends is second-to-none. DragonCon in Atlanta is still to come, my yearly ritual. Until then… In June, I’ll travel with the lovely and … Continue reading Cons & Adventures 2023

On The Book Break!

I’m so excited! We’re going to be on the news! My story “Care Taker” is in there, written as Audrey McLennan. Cat Ladies of the Apocalypse was selected by The Book Break as one of their Recommended Reads this week! We’ll be featured in on-air segments August 10-11, and the clips will then be posted to The Book … Continue reading On The Book Break!


After I took the FREE Writers of the Future Online Workshop (AMAZING), I was invited for a quick interview with Emily Goodwin of Galaxy Press to talk about my experience. My story “Care Taker” (written as Audrey McLennan) had just come out. The interview is available on YouTube in a month or so. Fun! The … Continue reading Interviewed!