Old Adventures

I was crawling around inside a giant pyramid at Giza, some time around 1993, when a masked man told me I had to pay or he wouldn’t let me out. A stranger in the tunnel provided a quick distraction and I threw loose change to draw the eyes of my captor. I scrambled on my hands and knees until I escaped the tunnel and ran as fast as I could.

In 1999, I bought a 34’ CHB trawler. I lived on it for three years off the California coast, usually around Anacapa Isle Marina. It’s like camping out every day, with extra amenities onshore. Some folks who live aboard never travel, but I’m glad to say I did. The islands are amazing.


An unscrupulous young scoundrel leapt off of his camel and chased me with a riding crop until I could hide in the market crowds.

I was almost buried under an avalanche while sneaking up to a forbidden fortress in the snowy mountains of Bavaria. Actual sneaking locale shall remain my secret, but I took this photo about two hours from there. Close enough.

I have not run a marathon (yet), but I did walk one once in Germany. The next day my knee wouldn’t work so I had to use the wrong leg to press the clutch during my morning commute. It was a 60 mile commute.

Giant eels chased me through a flooded Florida quarry. Those teeth…

A few years go I decided to learn how to box. No one taught me before how much fun it is to punch something with a closed fist. Very refreshing! The key is keep that fist tight and your elbows in close. I’ve been boxing now for several years. My coach just hit his 80th birthday. He used to box for the Marines and coach for the Navy. Nicest guy in the world. This is an official pic someone else took. He’s not mad, just too modest for smiling. I should start a blog about learning to box after twenty, and I mean it this time. #hittingthingsnotpeople

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