LA Selby

In a post-apocalyptic world,

who would care for the animals? For that matter, who would for the bees? I was inspired to write Care Taker after news of colony collapse disorder among the bees, and my interactions with the type known as a “solitary bee” in my own backyard. I’ve always loved the idea of druids as humans with a magical ability to commune with animals. What would happen to them if the animals began to disappear? What if it took away their powers? It seems to me that the type of druid who would attempt to save the bees would have to be a particularly courageous inventive, and generous person… and what might happen if the only two surviving druids had radically different ideas about what was necessary?

My dystopian fantasy is out in the fantastic “Cat Ladies of the Apocalypse” anthology! I hope you enjoy this lighter fare. (Written as Audrey McLennan)

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